Putoline Yz450f 2018 Air filter


utoline air filters, based on leading edge open-cell foam technology, bring users major benefits, including:
– Improved performance through increased airflow
– Improved protection through finer filtration levels
– Substantial cost savings through serviceability and re-use

Fully reticulated (open cell) foam, as used in all Putoline filter products, consists of a honeycomb of tiny, interlocking cells of uniform size.  When treated with specially formulated filter oil, each passageway is like hundreds of very small centrifugal/oil bath filters connected one to another.  In this way, the foam traps and holds the particles throughout the entire volume of foam.

The development of this unique foam represents a major advancement in air filtration technology. As a result, foam air filters, when compared with paper or cotton gauze equivalents, combine great airflow capability, huge dust holding capacity, and very high filtration efficiency for even extremely small particles.

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